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The Journey To Purpose | Co Author Lynda Clarke

We all go through challenges at one point or another!

But we get up. Listen to 24 men and women tell you how they have endured pain and challenges in their lives, and ultimately used this pain to walk in their purpose.

International leaders came together to announce the release of their virtual co-created anthology book compiled by Dr Ava Eagle Brown “Pain To Purpose” (now now re-branded as Journey to Purpose) on 4th November 2016 at the Croydon Park Hotel, South Croydon.  The launch was hosted by Angie Lemar – Former Choice FM & Premier Radio.

Pain to Purpose is a collaborative project written by successful leaders from all over the world -who have come forward to offer their individual stories, as well -as their advice on how to face different challenges in your professional and personal lives.

These people will also share the path they took in a while in their challenges to find their ultimate God-given purpose.

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