Are You Listening, No Really Listening?

You know the feeling, when you are on Instagram and a picture pops up as you are scrolling, perfect figure, perfect make, perfect skin, just pretty perfect, you get it. You think it is just not fair, I have tried everything, just about everything for years to look better. Why do we do this?

Your Inner Child

Well recently I committed to a lot of things and said yes to take real control of my life.  I have taken up some private business coaching with Dr Ava Eagle Brown and a course about Organising Your Life with Susan Sly. The same message kept coming back ‘ look after your inner child’.

Wow, what does that mean then?

I have been told that before. Sometimes you hear it but you don’t really hear it as you are not really listening.

Now last Friday, a girl I work with in my business, Laura, gave me the same message as she was testing out some coaching for our clients who get stuck. Feeling overwhelmed already reading this. Well that is why I then embarked on a pilot for some ‘Brain Training’ and ‘Detox Programme’ for woman ‘Detox with Zing’ Guess what the subject came up again about ‘Your Inner Child’. Now this time I had to find a photograph of myself when I was young. I knew I had one as I had just organised the stuff in my loft.

So up I go into the loft, and take the picture and look at it. It was my sister and I. I held it up and for the first time I really looked at it and it brought up so many emotions. I looked at it and felt sorry for the little girl in the picture, she was 2 1/2. She was always told she was so shy and I can hear those words ringing through my ears. I was, I had no confidence, I was very timid and was like this up until my teens. The picture, wow, oh my word, did my Mum use a bowl to cut our hair?  There I am with sad eyes, nervously playing with my fingers. Going red at the slightest question asked by an Aunt or Uncle.

Looking at that picture today and paying attention to it, made me think what do we pay attention to? Well not ourselves all the time. So, I now know it is time to look after that little girl in the picture.

Bride In TrainingOver the years I think I have given this little girl a hard time about lots of areas in her life. Don’t get me wrong she has made some bad decisions.  She is very giving, likes to be with her friends and family have great fun, be stupid , loves a good fancy dress, loves to dance, she loves to travel the world,  she loves business and working with teams. She is hard working, not always on time, works hard to be organised and fits so much in, loves her son Cass, and Kurty soon to be her husband in the amazing city of Rome.

So here we are 12th March 2017, I am going to do all what I can to help this little girl, to dream much bigger, be respectful of people’s opinions but speak her truth in what she is passionate about. Trust her own judgment and not seek out others people’s opinions all the time. I love this little girl so much, she is kinda cute, looks after her health and that of her family. Inspires people to be just them, nobody else. Gonna help her realise that she has accomplished so much in her lifetime, to really listen to her gut feeling. That if she wants to, she can accomplish anything.


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