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Platinum Players Business School

The Platinum Players Business School was founded by Lynda Clarke.

Lynda is an expert in business development and training. She is a bold and purposeful entrepreneur who believes in creating generational legacies of wealth and success.  Lynda is passionate about teaching financial and money literacy from a place of personal experience. She believes that if this generation just live to keep its head above the water, there will be serious crisis in funding and supporting families and higher education in the future.

When Lynda takes a break from her entrepreneurial pursuits, enjoys wakeboarding, walking in the mountains, swimming and being fully immersed in personal development resources and activities. She loves to hang out with Cassian, her 13 year old son, and her fiancé Kurt whom she will wed in Rome in 2017.

Lynda, being a Certified Tetra Map Practitioner, is trained to deliver memorable accelerated learning experiences through positive cultural and behavior change to her clients.